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Session 3 Recap

After gathering some information on Cieran’s disappearance, including a pair of his pants, the party was about to set out on tracking the boy. As they were leaving, they ran into Cieran’s uncle Beaux, drunk and hopeless. Beaux insisted he tag along with the party on their search, and as he sobered up, he explained that he and his nephew had planned to meet at his old hideout, then go to an abandoned castle to practice Cieran’s recently emerged magic.

With Evangeline’s help the party tracked Cieran’s scent a good way through the forest when a few of them fell into a pit trap. As they climbed out, a large muscular human woman approached and apologized profusely for her traps inconveniencing the party. She introduced herself Shiala, and invited them all to lunch at her home to make up for their trouble. She led them to a rather homey cave, and offered them some tea and roasted meat, the source of which she refused to identify. Beaux ate it enthusiasticly, and Astratta noticed that it didn’t taste like anything they’d ever eaten before. Some questioning revealed that Shiala had served them human meat, and a search of her cave turned up an apron that belonged to Diggles, the beloved waiter who went missing from Roadside. The party didn’t take kindly to this meal, and intimidated Shiala into surrendering from what could have been a rough fight. They left Shiala tied up in her cave, and rifled through her belongings to find more clothes of varying sizes, some jerky, and a strange music box that seemed to play back voice recordings.

From there the party tracked Cieran to a large overgrown castle gate. The doors opened easily, and inside they found a beautifully kept courtyard that showed none of the wear and tear from the outside gate. While investigating the area, Beaux cast detect magic, and noticed strong enchantment magic coming from Esda. He interrogated them about it, and asked to look through their things. Esda refused, and as Beaux started to get more upset, Esda felt a presence that seemed to be asking for permission for something. Not knowing what it was, Esda agreed, and Beaux was suddenly overcome with a need to relieve himself. After excusing himself to the hedges in the garden, he ¬asked Esda to give him back the ring, insisting that no one should have the power it granted. When Esda refused again, he conceded and simply asked that they be careful with it.

As the party entered the castle itself, they found Cieran playing a harpsichord duet with a well-dressed dwarven woman, who introduced herself as “Princess Sophia Heartsten, heir to the Caeldor Estate and standing keeper of Runwicke Castle.” The party members didn’t recognize any of these names. Sophia treated the party to an extravagant meal, this time with no meat, suspicious or otherwise. As she talked, a few of the players noticed she seemed to sparkle slightly. She invited everyone to rest and stay the night.

The party was escorted to their rooms by a silent figure in a full suit of armor, reportedly one of the few employees in the “short-staffed” castle. That night, Esda heard a faint cry from downstairs, and followed the sound down to a corner of the library. They got the rest of the party and Beaux, leaving Cieran in his room. Back in the library, they followed the sound to a bookshelf, discovering a hidden passage that led underground.

Session 2 Recap

After completing a successful(?) dogsitting job, the party spent a few more days in Roadside. Ceri celebrated by hitting the bar, Esda tried to learn about the ring they uncovered in the cave, Astratta prepared for their date, and Josh kept an eye on the rest of them, worried they might cause trouble.

During Astratta’s date with Bryndle, a hooded figure hung up four wanted posters featuring children’s drawings of each of the party members. Esda noticed this, tore down Astratta’s poster and their own, and waited until Astratta finished their date to tell them. Josh joined the conversation and Astratta eventually tore down the other two posters.

Meanwhile, two mercenaries approached Ceri in the bar, and made quick work of capturing her. Luckily, she made a ruckus in her struggle, and the other three were able to track her to the bar’s back room.

Esda picked the lock and the three of them tried to sneak into the building, but caught the attention of others in the room. Josh hid while Esda and Astratta entered combat with a half elf, a halfling and a human named Noah. As things went poorly for the party, Josh stepped forward and intimidated the attackers. Esda surrendered and the attackers asked instead to talk.

The strangers brought Ceri forward and introduced themselves as Noah, Caleb and Layla, and admitted to putting up the wanted posters. They then proceeded to interrogate the party on Cieran’s whereabouts and the events that went on in the cave. In the middle of questioning, a messenger showed up and related information to Layla. The group huddled and talked urgently before Layla and Caleb jumped the party and placed metal collars on each of them.

The group left in a hurry, telling the party that they’d be keeping an eye on them, and that if the party could bring Cieran back safely, they would be off the hook.

After untying Ceri, the party investigated their new collars, and found no apparent way to remove them. They paid Bryndle a visit, asking her about the collars and how they might track down Cieran. She had no ideas on the collar situation, but recommended finding something with Cieran’s scent on it to track him.

The party rested in Astratta’s room in the inn, and woke the next morning to find some answers. Esda headed to the blacksmith to try and remove the collars. The blacksmith refused to cut that close to Esda’s neck herself, but lent them some bolt cutters for a small fee. Using these, Astratta seemingly cut through Esda’s collar, but as soon as they felt the metal snap it was back in one piece. Esda spent their day searching the town for Cieran, but couldn’t find him.

Astratta went to Terhin’s apothecary shop in town, asking if they could borrow Buddy to track someone. Terhin reminded Astratta that they had their own riding dog, and the two shared a poignant moment reflecting on the importance of a druid’s trust in their companion. Astratta asked Terhin about the collar, and they said it was giving off transmutation and divination magic.

Josh asked around town. He learned that Cieran was well known in the commercial district, as he frequently chatted with many of the shopkeepers, whether they liked it or not. On the job board Josh discovered missing persons posters for a few other people in addition to Cieran. Among them were Diggles, a former employee at the inn, Perdita, a mercenary who’s partner offered a reward for her return, and someone named Marnie, whose poster seemed sloppily written and had no other information. Josh visited the inn and learned that Diggles was last seen leaving work for a walk in the northern woods.

While the others investigated around town, Ceri set up a stake-out in front of Cieran’s parents’ house. When they got home, Ceri listened in and overheard that Cieran’s parents were not the ones who offered a bounty on the party’s capture. After the conversation died down, Ceri snuck through a window into Cieran’s bedroom, and stole a pair of pants from his dresser.

Session 1 Recap
The gang sits a dog.

The party individually receives notes from a pigeon, or in Ceri’s case a stranger in a bar, that details a job opportunity at the edge of town. The next morning, the party meets Terhin, a druid who urgently needs people to watch their dog while they travel to a neighboring island to deliver medicine.

The players agree and accompany Terhin through the woods to the north, where they find Terhin’s cottage and a riding dog named Buddy, a much bigger animal than the party initially expected. As Terhin leaves, Buddy becomes anxious and difficult to handle, but Josh is able to calm him down. Astratta and Esda have a nice night smoking on the roof, and the players take shifts keeping watch during the night.

In the night, a blood-curdling howl can be heard in the distance, and Buddy barks and darts away into the forest. The party gives chase, and Esda jumps from the roof, taking significant damage. Astratta, Ceri and Josh track buddy through the woods, and nearly catch up when blowdarts zip through the air, hitting Astratta and narrowly missing Ceri. Josh pushes forward and Ceri carries a now paralyzed Astratta onwards.

The group eventually encounters a party of three elves, pulling a cart with a large tarp over it. From underneath the tarp, Astratta hears noises that sound canine in nature. As Ceri argues with the apparent leader of the group, Esda catches up and motions to the more nervous elf in the bunch, who communicates that despite her nerves she is safe. The same elf is flustered when Astratta, still paralyzed, flirts with her. She heals Astratta of their paralysis, and the party sets off on their way. As they leave, Ceri informs the nervous elf that Astratta thinks she was cute, and she gives Ceri a note to pass to Astratta. While this is happening, Astratta pulls the tarp off to reveal an angry looking Worg in a cage on the cart. The party leaves the hunting group as its leader is clearly agitated.

By morning, the party tracks Buddy to the entrance of a small cave. The first cavern they enter is wide and has a large pool of murky, recently disturbed water, and what looks like the aftermath of a cave-in. The group splits up to explore. Josh climbs a short wall and finds a hidden passage, then pressures Astratta into crawling through. Astratta finds a locked wooden box, and conceals it from Josh, claiming there was nothing inside the passage. Josh and Ceri head through the elevated tunnel and fall through a ceiling. Esda and Astratta head to a clear torch-lit passage and find a combination lock that lowers a drawbridge down over a pit. After some thinking, the two figure out the combination of symbols and lower the bridge. Before moving forward, Astratta shows the box to Esda, who pries it open and takes the ring inside for themself.

All four players meet in a large open cavern, with makeshift living, dining and sleeping spaces torn apart. A large hole opens in one wall with a pile of rubble. Humanoid skeletons are strewn across the floor, but what catches the party’s attention is a young human boy around 13, playing cheerfully with the riding dog, Buddy. The group attempts to talk the boy, who introduces himself as Cieran into giving Buddy back, but he is convinced that the dog is his magical familiar, and shares his lifeforce. Cieran tells the party that he’s recently learned that he’s a sorcerer, and that his uncle Beaux was going to teach him more about how his magic worked. Josh makes some headway in convincing him to give up Buddy, but catches Astratta lying and becomes upset.

Cieran raises the three skeletons that had been laying on the ground, and they attack the party while he wriggles out of several attempts from Josh to subdue him nonviolently. Astratta tries to tackle him as well, and gets frustrated at their lack of success, swinging at Cieran and dealing a heavy blow with their spiked club. Now prone and scared, Cieran tries and fails to call off the skeletons, but the party and Buddy eventually dispatch them.

Esda stops on the way out of the cave to loot some of the cubbies in the cave, finding some money and items, along with a letter from Beaux addressed to someone named Marnie. The note talks about wanting to start over, and implies that Beaux had something powerful in his possession that he’d recently given up. Astratta reads the note, and tells Esda that the ring is cursed, and whoever possessed it will die within a week. Esda believes them, but keeps the ring with little regard for their own life.

Ceri casts lullaby, putting both Cieran and Buddy to sleep, and the party leaves the cave with them in tow. They drop Buddy off at Terhin’s cottage, and Astratta leaves Cieran asleep at a fountain in the middle of town. The party finishes their dog-sitting job without much incident, choosing to ignore a loud crash and a monstrous roar they all heard in the distance. At the end of the weekend, Terhin returns home and pays the party for taking good care of Buddy.

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